5 free apps parents of children with ASD should know about

It is no secret that the younger generations are technologically driven, visual learners. Technology can help our kids with ASD in a number of ways; here are a few different free apps that your child should have on their device.

Relax Melodies

This is a sleep app full of different common sounds and noises. It boasts over 50 sounds available on the free version, ranging from wind in trees to thunderstorms and heavy rain. These sounds are able to be layered, so you can play more than one at once and have birds chirping with crashing waves, or camp fire crackles with a thunderstorm in the background.

Settle your Glitter

This is a simple app to help kids calm themselves and focus on their self-regulation. The participants are asked how they are feeling with a choice of four options, and then a following 4 options for how much. Following this there is an image of a crystal ball that is shaken by the user; the glitter then swirls and slowly settles while the user practices mindful breathing. So simple, yet visually and clinically effective!

Orbit Rescue

Created by The Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Orbit is a sexual abuse prevention program designed as a fun and interactive computer game. Its primary aim is to teach children and parents about grooming behaviours and safe stranger awareness. It is designed for children between the ages of eight and ten, and is a simple way to keep your kids safe by way of prevention.

Breathing Bubble

Similar to Settle you Glitter, Breathing Bubble is a visual guide to help kids learn independent relaxation strategies. The app asks kids how they are feeling and asks them to rate the strength of this emotion, and then presents an image of a bubble. This bubble is blown up and down slowly, with the aim of the user mimicking the speed of the bubble blowing with their breathing.

Smiling Mind

This app is full of guided meditation tracks. These are continuing to be a staple in schools to teach kids to stop, relax and be present to reduce anxiety and stress levels. The tracks vary from body awareness to easy breathing, and are a great tool to teach kids to relax or to fall asleep easier, always a plus for parents!

5 free apps parents of children with ASD should know about