Our Management Team

Our Management Team

Our management team lead a group of amazing and dedicated individuals who embrace the AES ethos of helping each child reach their full potential.


Vivienne realised that Behaviour Analysis was her calling when she first started working with children with Autism in 1992. This came about when she was asked to join an organisation teaching Applied Behaviour Analysis and Discrete Trial Training to young children with Autism from the data based research project in support of Early Intervention, at Murdoch University (Jay Brimbrauer, David Leach 1992-3). It was from this point on, Vivienne made it her mission to dedicate her professional life towards the betterment of children with Autism and their families. By 2003, Vivienne had formed AES.

Not only does Vivienne enjoy working directly with children and youth with Autism, she is also very passionate about empowering others with the most effective tools to teach individuals. She has trained hundreds of staff, clinicians and parents on how to implement strategies that are based on ABA to improve the quality of life for their student or child. Vivienne and her team also consult with and coach parents and schools on how to effectively implement strategies that are based on ABA. She presents workshops on a variety of topics related to teaching or working with individuals with Autism. Ultimately Vivienne’s goal is to help improve the quality of life for children and young people with Autism and their family by making ABA accessible to all.


Practice Manager

Denise is the ‘go-to’ person for all administrative matters and works closely with Vivienne and the rest of the management team to coordinate day to day activities to ensure that operations run effectively and efficiently. She is the supportive and friendly voice you will hear on the end of the telephone when you call our clinic and when she greets you at the door. She has also completed accredited St Johns First Aid training.

Accounts Manager

Andrea is responsible for all areas relating to financial activities. She supports the Director and other stakeholders. If you have any questions relating to account queries, funding amounts, payments, payment options, etc, please contact Andrea directly for assistance.