ABA Therapy

The earlier children with Autism begin treatment, the better the outcome; therefore children should enter an intervention program as soon as ASD is diagnosed, or even suspected.

AES uses an evidence-based approach in its service delivery; that is, it only uses research strategies with scientific research evidence to support their efficacy. The program adopts the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to deliver comprehensive and individualised, mainly home-based intervention in order to help each child reach their full potential. This approach teaches your child how to learn the skills that typically developing children learn naturally from their environment. Over 40 years of research has shown ABA in particular is an effective treatment and demonstrated best outcomes for children with Autism. Vivienne and her dedicated team are passionate about the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and how it can be used to maximize learning potential.

To do this we introduce one-on-one ABA therapy sessions to address the deficits from your child’s diagnosis – communication, behavioural, social and academic skills.

ABA therapy is a mixture of psychological and educational techniques tailored to the individual needs of your child, in order to modify their behaviours. This method involves the use of behavioural systems that measure behaviour, teach functional skills and evaluate progress.

This is how Vivienne and her team go about supporting you, your child and your family:

  • They work to empower parents and educators who work with children with special needs with skills that will improve each child’s quality of life
  • They evaluate the uniqueness of each child’s individuality and work directly towards their specific needs
  • They use evidence-based practices to teach and treat e.g. language skills, challenging behaviour, socials skills, anxiety/phobias/fears, safety skills, toilet training, to name just a few
  • They provide and enhance children’s abilities way beyond the early intervention stage of the 1:1 intensive therapy options. Services include small and medium academic and social group clubs, from beginner level through to young adult.
  • They implement parent training, individually or in small groups to work to help empower parents to better assist and develop life skills for their own child with Autism

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