Group Programs

Mummy & Me

Do you have a newly diagnosed, or suspected child with ASD?

Our Mummy (or Daddy) and Me groups are designed for children aged 18 months to 3 years to:

  • teach hands-on practical skills to support basic communication and language, play skills and behavioural management
  • provide you with easy to understand information about supporting your child with ASD
  • provide you with the opportunity to meet and connect with other parents of children with ASD

This supportive and friendly instructional group will demonstrate how ABA works for your child and the fun and success it will bring towards the up-skilling of your toddler, at this all important beginning of their Life Journey.

Junior Explorers (Introductory Social Skills)

Does your child need help with their emotional and social skills?

Join Junior Explorers, a fun and engaging group program for children with ASD aged between 5-8 years old. Exclusive to AES this program teaches children to explore the social world to:

  • recognize and express their emotions in appropriate ways
  • discover how others are feeling and how to respond
  • learn to talk to and play with others
  • problem solve in social situations; and
  • expand their conversation skills

This program can also be used as a pre-requisite program before Secret Agent Society (SAS) to provide children with support and skills needed to complete SAS successfully. This program runs after school during school terms.

Secret Agent Society (Social Skills)

  • recognize emotions in themselves and others
  • self-regulate their emotions
  • talk and play with others
  • solve friendship problems; and
  • cope with change and deal with bullying
  • All AES facilitators involved in the SAS groups have completed SAS facilitator training and are registered with the Secret Agent Society. This program runs after school during school terms.

    Commencing later in 2019!

    Youth Groups for Teenagers

    Most teenagers want to be just like their peers in high school and:

    • go to school dances and school balls
    • have friends on Facebook
    • text their friends
    • hang out with friends outside of school
    • make new friends
    • go on dates
    • have a girlfriend or boyfriend

    Youth Groups for 13-18 year olds, have been designed for adolescents on the spectrum towards independence, a quality of life, to teach healthy relationship skills, sexual abuse risk reduction, sexual behaviour, safety and having fun!

    For further information or to register your interest, please call us on (08) 9240 5800.